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Custom Smoking Videos

Have you ever been disappointed upon joining a smoking fetish site and finding that the videos & pictures don't quite capture your ideal smoking fetish fantasies? Well, your problems are over!

We offer a fully customised smoking fetish video and photo service. You pick the model, choose the scenario, and we make it happen for you. Every detail is under your control, and it is our aim to provide you with those perfect smoking fetish videos and photos you've always dreamed of.

As producers of various smoking fetish sites such as,, and we totally understand the dilemma that as the old saying goes, "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can`t please all the people all of the time". This completely applies to members sites where we may have hundreds of different people all with their own particular likes & dislikes. There is no one video that everyone will like, and so inevitably some folks don't find exactly what they had hoped for.

So that's where we come in - we want to try & make the best videos & photos possible for you. Content can be delivered by various means - we can provide a private download link for digital files, or deliver both photos and video on DVD for that big screen experience.

This site features various models we have worked with previously who we feel are best able to produce custom work. We've added sample videos and photos of each model to give you a feel for her talents, and also her limits on what she's happy to do. Before sending us your custom requirements you may find our frequently asked questions page useful. Have a browse and then feel free to to contact us and request a no-obligation quote.


Three brand new custom videos have been added to our Clips4Sale store:

The videos are:

Smoke & Stockings - Chloe is relaxing on the couch in nylon stockings and a suspender belt. She chainsmokes three all white 100s and blows smoke onto her stockinged legs. See a sample...

Bar Girls - Michelle is a school teacher and Chloe her ex-student. They meet by chance in a bar and are surprised to learn that they are both smokers. See a sample...

Chloe - Speed Smoking - Chloe, dressed in a short skirt and slutty make-up, powers her way through three Marlboros in just 4 minutes 51 seconds! See a sample...


Sample Videos

Chloe & Michelle in "Shop Girls" - buy it here!
Client's response:
What can I say? Outstanding! You and the girls filmed a perfect scene and just what I was looking for. I must say, the scene showed both models’ true smoking ability better than any of the clips I’ve seen of them, on your site or theirs. Maybe it’s the lighting. Whatever it is, WELL DONE!

Chloe & Michelle in "Bar Girls" - buy it here!

Please note - these are low resolution samples. Our videos are shot & edited in High Definition - for better examples please see the models page.

Models Available

Chloe Debra Ashleigh
MsInhale Custom Smoking Video custom smoking fetish videos Ashleigh Embers Smoking Fetish
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